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Ways to protect your teeth

Juny 01, 2022

Teeth are one of the most important organs in the body. No matter what food you eat, you need to chew through the teeth, so as to facilitate better digestion and absorption in the stomach. Therefore, in our daily life, we must strengthen the dental health care measures and take proper care of the teeth, so as to not only maintain the health of the teeth, but also be beneficial to the health of the body. So what are the ways to protect your teeth?


First, brush your teeth properly. If you want to maintain the health of your teeth, the first thing you need to do is to ensure that your teeth are clean and hygienic, so you must insist on brushing your teeth twice a day in the morning and evening, so as to keep your teeth in the best condition. When brushing your teeth, you should also control the brushing time, about three minutes, which can effectively clean the bacteria and food residues in the mouth.


Second, remove tartar in time. Because the environment in the oral cavity is relatively humid, and a large amount of food and bacteria will remain in the oral cavity, tartar will form on the teeth for a long time. When tartar irritates the gums, it can lead to gum disease and bad breath, so everyone must remove the tartar in time.


Third, use dental floss correctly. When there is food left between the teeth, everyone should remove it in time. The best way is to use dental floss to remove the residue from the teeth. Also, flossing can remove plaque from the surface of your teeth and prevent tartar buildup.

En quart lloc, allunyeu-vos dels refrescs. Els àcids de l'aigua de soda poden causar efectes corrosius sobre les dents i danyar l'esmalt, que poden afectar negativament la salut de les dents a llarg termini.


En cinquè, trieu el raspall de dents correcte. Un raspall de dents amb truges massa dures farà malbé les dents, mentre que un raspall de dents massa tou no pot aconseguir un cert efecte de neteja, per la qual cosa hauríeu de triar un raspall de duresa moderada i substituir-lo regularment.


Sisè, revisa les teves dents regularment. Anar al dentista periòdicament per comprovar l'estat de les teves dents podrà detectar a temps els problemes de les dents, per tal d'aconseguir una detecció precoç i un tractament precoç.


In our daily life, we must develop the correct way of brushing your teeth. Generally, brushing twice a day is enough. Do not over-brushing in order to maintain the freshness of the mouth, which will adversely affect the teeth. At the same time in life to develop good eating habits, try to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement the vitamins needed by the body.

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